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Mann Island, Liverpool

As yet another chapter of Liverpool's history unfolds, this is the unique setting for a dramatic development, Mann Island, that will radically enhance its famous waterfront skyline. This development will comprise of 376 one, two and three bedroom apartments.

We know that Liverpool has something special that still lures people from far and wide to live in this magical city of dreams and legends.

Over the past couple of decades, the proud city of Liverpool has undergone a steady programme of regeneration to take its place once more at the forefront of the country's heritage. And nowhere has this rejuvenation manifested itself more noticeably than along the waterside hub of the city – the famed Liverpool docks.

The Mann Island site is designed to complement and enhance existing and planned attractions on the Liverpool historic waterfront. It will form a pivotal point between the Three Graces and the Albert Dock, with the geometry of the new buildings reflecting this transition. It will create a destination in its own right and form a key link between the city centre, the riverfront and Albert Dock.

The Mann Island residential buildings form overlapping wedges with the low points positioned to reveal important views of the Pier Head buildings. These wedges work together to form a changing composition of overlapping forms, creating valleys that frame views of the waterfront and beyond.

The site will provide a landmark for the new public space and canal basin. The two buildings have their own contrasting styles, using materials that greatly differentiate them from the Three Graces. People can view the cityscape as a series of changing glimpses rather than fixed views.

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A city reinvented. A visitor destination and place in which business can be done. Dynamic, creative, with passion,spirit and heritage.

It’s the people that make a city.

A unique waterfront leisure and retail opportunity Liverpool’s renaissance has been impressive. Liverpool One, The Arena and Albert Dock provide a focus on the city’s world famous waterfront for that energy and confidence. More and more people are discovering its unique quality and a visitor destination worthy of international acclaim. Now Mann Island completes the picture and is set to play its part as the waterfront prospers. 700,000 cruised the waterfront on the world famous Mersey Ferry.

Regeneration of the Pier Head with the new Ferry Terminal and Beatles museum, Canal Link and Cruise Liner Terminal in conjunction with the completion of the Museum of Liverpool will see 1.25m additional visitors by 2011.

15,000 people live in a vibrant waterfront community

The unique experience that is city life in the urban core of Liverpool appeals to many. Whether it’s the shops, bars and tourist attractions of the Albert Dock, world class galleries or simply ambling along on a warm summers evening taking in the sights.

25,000 office workers commute into the area each day

The waterfront provides a welcome break within the hustle and bustle of the working day or time to relax with colleagues and friends after work in the heart of this stunning and unique World Heritage Site. New pedestrian connections now enhance this experience.

1 million bed nights booked in 2008.

The city has become the new short-break destination nationally and on a pan-European scale with 13 of the city’s hotels situated directly on the waterfront , Liverpool is seen as a cool place to visit.

... make Mann Island Liverpool your next destination.

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